From their home in Ghent, Belgium, Café Americain's partners-in-crime travel the world of cinema, and share their thoughts on all they've seen here.

Café américain: Reboot

Hello everyone, and welcome, or perhaps welcome back. It's been a long time since we last posted on our original website, which has since gone offline, but after kicking off the new year, we figured we'd give it another shot, though with some big changes.

Last year, we launched 'Café américain', our very own film-blog, and like the year itself, it proved itself a difficult challenge, with some surprises, both good and bad. Due to both changing situations in our personal lives and the time-constraints accompanying such changes, we quickly learned we were in over our heads, and that our output did not match our ambitions.

We decided to take our time to regroup and rethink the concept, which led us to the decision to start over with a clean slate. Instead of promising daily content, a pressure which would lead only to short and superficial reviews, we will now take our time to bring you the best we can do.

We will strive to posting twice a week, with at least one review of a new release, and an addition to our first series, in which we will look at the past 50 years of film. Apart from these, we will also post an essay on cinema, television or popular culture once a month.

Another huge change is our choice of language. After our first attempt we figured Dutch, our native tongue, would restrict us in reaching out to as many people as we possibly can, which should be a goal of every aspiring blogger or critic. Not only that, but the fact that most of cinema or popular culture comes to us in English, led us to this switch.

While the style and feel of the website will have some rough edges at the start, we figured it best to start putting out content as soon as we could, lest we lost ourselves in the nitty-gritty of design. Though some fine-tuning will be done, we do want to keep everything bare-bones, clear and crisp, to keep our eye ever fixed on the most important thing: quality.

The two of us are raring to jump into 2017 and beyond, and we hope to have you all along for the ride.

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